Kademliysko Praskalo and Babsko Praskalo Waterfalls

Two waterfalls worth seeing are Kademliysko Praskalo and Babsko Praskalo. The first one is at the foot of Mount Triglav (Three-headed), and the second is after the turnout to the Triglav Rest House, about an hour and a half before the Tazha Rest House.
If you are going to Kademliysko Waterfall you must also see Babsko waterfall. The water of Kademliysko falls from about 70 metres, and that of Babsko falls from 54 metres. Kademliysko Praskalo is one of the waterfalls with the largest capacity of falling water across the Balkan Mountains (Stara Planina). Above it, there is an eco-trail from which you can watch the water fall over the rocks. The trekking is not a particularly easy one, but the nature beauty you will see is amazing.
The team of The Klukarnika Guest House recommends that you go along this eco-trail with a mountain guide. Upon your request, we can organize the trekking, and provide you with the necessary equipment and a guide that will take care of your safety and tell you everything interesting about the area and its landmarks.

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