Tomb of King Seuthes III, Thracian mound "Golyamata Kosmatka"

In 2004, 12 km from the city of Kazanlak, the tomb of the Thracian king Seuthes III was discovered. According to the archaeologists, it dates back to the 5th century BC and provides important information about the Orphic rituals of the Thracians.
Many of the found artefacts - the royal tiara in the shape of a gold wreath of oak leaves and acorns, a golden wine cup (chalice), etc. –all can be seen in the Kazanlak Historical Museum. The tomb is well-preserved and open for visitors. You can take part in special tours there and learn more about the purpose of the different chambers, as well as what the images on the marble door symbolize and where Seuthopolis, the capital town of Seuthes III, was located.

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