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The accent of the holiday we offer our guests is on the various mountain activities. Experienced instructors, mountain guides and animators make sure you can not only explore the mountains, but also share moments of growing closeness and trust with your family and friends, and thus enjoy a holiday like no other.
Learn more about each activity. Contact us if you need more information or want us to organize group activities specially designed for you.


An adrenaline-rising attraction that brings you close to the feeling of flying and helps you experience the euphoria of freedom.


Practising canyoning is most efficient for teambuilding and bringing people together, especially those who, until now, believed to have irreconcilable differences.

Hiking or trekking

Hiking in the mountain with an experienced guide is an adventure with unique energy, not less exciting than the activities that make your adrenaline going.


Kayaking is a fantastic activity that lets you fully enjoy the water and nature with all your senses and vibes.

Jeep safari

The area where The Klukarnika Guest House is located offers some of the most picturesque places for jeep safari in Bulgaria.